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Our Courses

Each of these courses are designed to help you with certain overall health goals. They can be stand alone or work in conjunction with your visits. 

Premium Courses

Global Active Myofascial Stretching

An at-home course designed for people to release their muscles and fascia perfect for patients with low between visits, pre and post tongue tie release, low back pain, and those looking to improve athletic performance. 

The T Element

This course has tongue manual techniques developed by Dr. Lopez that can be helpful as a stand alone course that may help with neck pain, posture, and other problems. This material can also work in conjunction with myofunctional therapy in preparation for or after a tongue tie release. 

Neck Pain Code

This course shows manual techniques specifically designed to reduce neck pain. It helps you address a variety of places that could be causing your neck pain that the professionals you see may not even know about.