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Unlock Your Power From Within 

If you're looking for a way to prime your body for peak athletic performance to give you an edge over your competition, then you'll want to try osteopathy. Imagine being able to generate more power, move further with ease, and recover better without lifting more weights, stretching more, or making any other changes.

This is possible with osteopathic treatments. Osteopathic treatments are performed by qualified fully-licensed doctors trained in helping optimize the body structurally. The treatments are aimed at unlocking the body's potential from within. The osteopathic treatments release and resolve tensions and dysfunctional anatomy. 

We're talking about problems that will not change by exercising more, stretching, or by static stretches. Nor are these structural problems easily changed by most bodyworkers. Massages, chiropractic treatments, and other bodywork are not equivalent or interchangeable to osteopathic treatments. 

Unlocking the body from within involves getting chronically contracted muscles to relax, restoring more movement in a restricted joint, releasing fascial strains, and more. The results would be more power, a better range of motion, and quicker recovery from the osteopathic treatments for the athlete. Anyone can get closer to their peak performance with that. 

How Can Osteopathy Help Me Generate More Power? 

Many people have many muscles that are stuck in a chronic state of partial contraction. What that means is that a part of the muscle is contracting and will not relax under normal circumstances. Think about "tight" hamstrings. They are not just tight when one tries to bend forward. They are tight all the time, including during periods of relaxation, but their tension becomes obvious with bending forward. 

Because a muscle has a finite amount of contraction available, then it is already using up its resources. This limits the amount of power a muscle can generate if it is only working at a limited capacity. 

A qualified osteopathic physician can trigger changes within the body to get muscles stuck in a partial state of chronic contraction to release. When this happens, it frees up resources within the muscle allowing it to generate more power without having to exercise more. 


How Can Releasing Fascia Improve My Peak Athletic Performance? 

There is a globally continuous connective tissue called fascia that envelops the muscles and even every muscle fiber. So when a muscle is partially contracted and won't release, it's pulling the fascia into it increasing the fascial tension throughout the body. It may not be much when one muscle does that, but usually, it's many muscles. 

Think of all your muscles that have "knots." Those are examples of partial chronically contracted muscles and usually, there is more than just one. Many "knots" throughout the body will wind and tighten up the fascia even further. 

Having fascia that is too tight is like wearing a bodysuit that is much too small. It will affect your ability to move and those motions will require more energy. As a result, a tight bodywide fascial system can negatively affect peak athletic performance. Osteopathic treatment works to release the tension in the fascia and associated muscles that are negatively impacting performance. 

How Can Osteopathy Help Improve My Range Of Motion? 

Chronically contracted muscles can limit motion at the joints they're associated with. It can seem like the joint doesn't have motion when in reality the muscles are so tight and guarded, they don't allow motion at the joints. Coupling that with restricted fascia, will limit motion. 

We believe that the partially contracted muscles don't allow the joint to work correctly in absorbing impacts. Whether it's a jarring impact from running, biking, or even driving in a car, our patients describe how they are better able to cope with it. 

In our practice, we see dramatic increases in joint motion as we release them. Often it can be within one visit, but it can take multiple visits. The patients that have the best outcomes also do the Global Active Myofascial Stretching at-home program. 

How Does This Lessen My Risk Of Injury? 

By this point, we have established how osteopathic treatment can help increase the power a muscle can generate, release fascia, and increase flexibility and range of motion if there is dysfunction within the body. Although there aren't scientific studies that have tested this, we believe that improving the function of a muscle, joint, and fascia will allow the body to be more resilient and help prevent injuries. 

Along the same lines, we also feel like doing so will also help the body better recover from injury and recover better post workouts. 


If you're looking to reach your peak athletic performance, we recommend making an appointment with our practice. Osteopathic treatment by an osteopathic physician will help you reach your potential in a way no other method can. We specialize in identifying and resolving the dysfunctional anatomy no one else will find. Click below to schedule your appointment.


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